Back Home & Recuperating

I have been away for too long! And I came back sick. The entire last week of my trip I ended up having breathing troubles due to pollution and asthma. Once I got home I went in to see my doc right away and started on a steroid inhaler for two weeks. And I finalized the contest results and started to email the winners! While I was away, I pondered what I could do about this endless contest that I set up… so when the 3 winners have made their choices, I will offer everyone else who filled out a survey (and said yes to emails) a sample amount of unbleached and undyed hemp yarns to make what I call the best face clothes ever in either worsted or dk yarns!

I started my trip back on Feb 8th. I was overweight in luggage of course and pretty excited about going to the US for business for the first time ever. I got a new stamp in my passport (yay). Los Angeles was incredibly warm when I got there. T-shirt and shorts weather during the day but got cooler quickly at night.

I started everything off in California spinning up hemp at the High Times Cannabis Cup. I was set up with all the attending artists in the MAPS area. The MAPS group has an AMAZING array of artwork that they took hours to assemble into an artist space.

I had a ton of natural light with a bank of windows behind me!

It was nice to spin at an event where people have rarely seen this activity. Some of them thought I was spinning up HAIR at first! Everyone was unbelievably encouraging and really nice! It was fantastic to be part of such a positive artistic group.

I was the Canadian melting away in the heat very quickly. Luckily I had an indoor space, a whole bunch of booths were outdoors completely in the sun for the whole weekend.

Here is the rest of the art gallery space around me.

The spirit bowls people (awesome sound being inside there).

Tea Ceremony

The other side of the space.

I am so glad I went to this event. I did not know anyone before I got there, and ended the event with new amazing friends.

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4 Responses to Back Home & Recuperating

  1. pip says:

    Looks like a great event! I love all the artwork and the Tea Ceremony 🙂

  2. reflexclaire says:

    Wow – what a simply beautiful space. What is happening to the lady lying surrounded by big gongs? Is it a musical massage ?

  3. You don’t just hear the tones lying there, you can feel them as well. Its mostly meditative, not specific notes per se. It was extremely relaxing too.

  4. DoobieDuck says:

    Nice images and info. What a nice trip for you except the health issue..sorry to hear of those. I will make one of those events someday I hope. I’d love to featured on one of the walls near you..good work dear, DD

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