Booked My First Show

I took the plunge and booked my very first show, in Toronto, at the Creative Festival on April 27-28th, 2012.

I’m still insanely busy with finishing the administration work of writing up the business plan, its due Apr 5th. And the University contract is ramping up with work too.

I still wish this was a knitting specific show, because I have to wait until September when I can finally be in my own Guild’s show here in town. But I’m also very excited! This is my mother in law’s favorite show in Toronto. She likes it for the variety she gets to see there. And It looks like it’s the biggest crafting supply show that I can find in Canada.

Oh my! I took a seminar about exporting to the US. Awesome seminar (I do at least 10 in the year for the allowance requirements), but it leaves me unsure when I will be ready to be in a show in the US. Hopefully by the fall.

This first show will mostly be a test of what inventory I should be carrying of the commercial yarns that I will be reselling. 100% hemp and linen.

I’m only going to bring a smaller amount of the yarns I make myself. I plan on a dying yarn run of hemp before the show, to top up the lace size yarns of my own that I will carry. And MIL came to the rescue a second time by still owning a wringer washing machine!

Getting it working quickly is just another project on the list!

I am working on a lace 3ply version of the cotton yarns I have been plying up from weaving roll ends. The worsted yarns are good to go, but the lace yarns need to be washed before they are good to go. The trade-off is, they are much quicker to ply, and the yardage is fantastic. Also, I really love the longer colour runs that happen.

I put tape on floor in the basement to mark out a 5×10 booth.

Four weeks to get things together!

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