Finally Done with My Business Plan

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Wow that was a lot of work, but worth every minute. My business plan is 34 pages, not including the appendix sheets. I put my ideas down on paper with a financial plan to back them up. Now that its done, I can spend more time getting ready for this show I will be in.

This week I got my yarns ordered and insurance set up. Next I have to find display boxes and get the booth signage together. It’s funny how many things I need to get done this first show around. Still working on the floor and the lighting deadline is fast approaching.

I got a yarn meter in the mail this week. I’m so happy with this little device. It speeds up how I skein the yarns, by a huge degree. And I have been waiting to measure what I spin up!

I had wrapped up these yarns a while ago. The raw yarns are ready to go.

6 ply

12 ply

These are the worsted hemp yarns I hand dyed. They make really amazing face cloths, so I will be repackaging it all to sell that way.

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3 Responses to Finally Done with My Business Plan

  1. Knit4Profit says:

    Great job! I would like to apply for a business grant to start training youths in machine knitting. Do you want to share your expertise in developing a business plan?

  2. It was a 10(ish) week process! I attended a bunch of seminars that talked about the different sections of the plan template, and I slowly filled out the business plan template under the direction of an advisor. I think a lot of people don’t finish making their plans because its a bit tedious and takes quite a long time.

    You can start wiith market research. They made everyone in my group work the same way. First you check out the viability of your idea in the market!

    In the process of applying to the start up allowance, I had to answer two sets of questionaires. They both tested business plan readiness. But I don`t know how these were evaluated. The business plan is much more detailed.

    • knit4profit says:

      Thank you for responding. I will go to the SBA website to download that business plan. Yes, it is tedious.

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