Hemp Knitting Projects On The Go

I have been playing around hand knitting with the worsted and dk hemp yarns.

What can I knit up by hand that I can reasonably sell? I’m getting a feel for the kinds of knit jersey things I would like to sew up. But I’m not a remarkably quick hand knitter or crocheter. So I want to concentrate on projects that I can make up reasonably quickly. I have focused on wash cloths/pot holders. They are useful samples of the yarn too. I am also working on putting patterns to paper.

This is 100 grams of worsted yarn made into a towel.

Its heavy for its size! And it will stretch when its wet. I love how flat it is with the garter stitch. But I like the smaller sample ones I have made from the colours. I knocked off 5 stitches on the next one.

I also experimented with worsted lace.

This is 408 grams. Almost a pound. It will stretch quite a bit when I block it out. Over time I want to dye a leaf each the colour that I use in dying my yarns. I will experiment with lacier knitting with the worsted yarns next.

I started a cute sweater in dk that is all k2p2 rib. I got a bunch done in the car today. I asked my husband to drive so I could knit the whole time!

I’m knitting this on 3.5mm needles. I like how crepe-ey it looks.

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