Well I made two more face cloths and have finally found a pattern I really like.

This one is really difficult to knit in spots. I did not offset the additions and subtractions in a balanced way. But at least I knew I was on the right track from the weight side of things. Adding holes to the design helps to make this face cloth 77 grams.

The lopsidedness bugs me. I decided to try a diagonal pattern. Everyone I know is doing diagonals! I love this leaf pattern from Heirloom Knitting by Sharon Miller (fantastic book). I modified it to fit my face cloth needs and its perfect! This little sampler I made is 57 grams, an awesome size for the weight.

Now that I have a pattern I like (I charted it out in excel), I’ll be making a few more of various size for the show next week.

My T-shirts came in today. They feel fantastic. 55% Hemp 45% Cotton. Tomorrow I take them to the screen printing place. I’m so excited about this part. I can hardly wait to take pictures of my launch T-shirts and tank tops!

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One Response to Facecloths!

  1. I think there is something so fulfilling in knitting faceclothes … they are so USEFUL … and when hand knit so beautifully as yours, they are lovely to look at too!

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