Almost Ready

I am almost ready for the Treating Yourself Expo this weekend! Its really amazing to be in the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, and last year I got to drive in and right up to my booth. That was a lot of fun. This year I’m as far away as I can get from the drive in door, so I suspect we will be hauling more than last year!

I love the design I settled on, and finished with the pattern tweaks. I am trying to make one per day in the worsted yarn. They take about 2 hours of knitting, so I have not succeeded every day just yet. This is how many I have made so far.

I blocked one out so people will be able to see how it looks.

The rest I will just wash ,dry and iron because that makes them feel much better. Blocking makes this piece beautifully sharp looking, but also stiff as a board!

I also started this version from the lace yarn. Its taking me much longer, but its also amazing to see the contrast of the yarns.

To be honest I do not expect to be able to sell this stuff very well at this show. Last year there was some interest in finished objects. And a lot more interest in the tank top I had mounted in display on the wall.

I’m really lucky to get this booth from my friend to be able to expand the public horizon on the art and craft of hemp. But I would really like to be able to make money with my yarn and goods business. I would love to take my wares to the general public (not just the knitting crowd). I have my eye on the One Of A Kind and Yoga shows and my spinning teacher is interested in the Total Woman’s show in Toronto. To test if we think we can get into general public shows, I am bringing tshirts, tea towels (resale), facecloths (handmade), and hemp hand cream (resale) as well as my hemp yarns and fibres this weekend.

The artist who created this design is Collin Higgins based out of the Berlin Tattoo studio.

I have a tattoo from Collin and I’m really happy with the way this design worked out.

Today I string up a borrowed table loom with a hemp warp, and tomorrow I head into the big city to set up for the show which starts on Friday. 🙂

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