Never Not Busy

I wish I had my camera! But its off halfway around the world with my husband, and all you get is a text update!

The show was awesome! I sold both retail and wholesale and spoke with many people about future product ideas.

I’m creating sets of hand made bracelets so I have something cheaper to sell to people who are not so interested in a t-shirt. As per my usual method, I am using the thickest yarns first and moving to the skinnier yarns as I test out what patterns and methods will work best for me.

I sold 2 face cloths and a bunch of tea towels, so I continue to work on developing that side, but my supplies are split between home and where I stored them after the show in Toronto, so I’m not making a face cloth per day right now.

I finished my weaving 2 course last night. I came away with 3 projects that I love to work on (overshot, MO and rag rugs). In addition to twill which was my favorite since I tried it in weaving 1 – I will be developing products and patterns on that side of things too. Sheesh I really want a floor loom now!

No new stuff on the serging and knitting machine side of things, but I spoke to loads of people about the “fabric” and I’m excited about what I can get done there. My MIL is happy with the cotton jersey I handed over for experimentation and wants hemp as soon as I can make a raw undyed sheet for her.

My house in the city with a rotted beam and carpenter ants is under repair. The ants did not make it in very far into the wood and only one beam of two needed to be replaced. But while this part of the job ended up under budget, I need to also replace the roof to finally fix the leak, and that will cost more than was budgeted for the work. I’m so relieved about this news! I was really worried about the house structure.

My next event will combine Knit in Public Day and the WallPeople event in Toronto on June 9th in Kensington Market from 5-7pm. If you are around please come see me then.

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  1. P. Taylor says:

    Morning, I am pleased to inform you that I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger award for your hard work at blogging! The next step is posted at my blog. Enjoy!

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