Inspiration in ketchup & mustard

Inspiration comes in the strangest of places.

Yesterday I finally slowed down the bracelet making, and picked up my knitting project of a facecloth a day. Back at the show I had cut the yarn off my facecloth knitting project. I needed the yarn to demonstrate other things. Yesterday I picked up the project again to salvage it, and decided to have some fun trying out double stranding some leftover hemp I have, in the colours of ketchup and mustard. The pattern is still there in my fingers and while it was a bit trickier using 2 strands, the way the colours blended in the piece was fantastic.

Pictures soon! As well as the bunch from Israel and Jordan where my husband is travelling! Today was his big conference day there, and I can’t wait to hear how it went.

For today’s faceloth I have double stranded euroflax linen; choral and fuscia.

I am having a great time working with this leaf lace pattern. Soon though I want to switch up and make a few candle light lace pattern face cloths.

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