Rhinebeck – Punkin’ Chunkin’

I have only ever seen this on TV. When I read there was going to be Pumpkin Chucking at the Rhinebeck Sheep & Wool Festival, I knew where I was going to be!

Rhinebeck was awesome. Loads of fibre folks to talk to and admire. I took the most amazing class on Thursday with Abby. I learned how to spindle more efficiently as well as cut my costs when I make spindles. I made some trades for fibres and other yarns, which felt GREAT! I really get a kick out of trading. I met a whole bunch of new friends and now I’m sad that I will not get to see them for a year. The traffic leaving Rhinebeck, on the other hand is enough to make me run screaming from the room at the thought of having to get through THAT again next year. So I’ll try not to think about it, except to remember to fill the tank BEFORE I sit in hours of traffic to drive a few kilometres.

However, lobbing at least gallon sized objects through the air to smash on the ground does help ease the soul…. a bit.

There were a bunch of test runs for the teams to try out their machines before the competition itself got started.

3 of the 4 teams loaded and ready to launch.

It was a challenge trying to get picture shots of the launches!

Unfortunately the team with the small red trebuchet was having trouble with their device. A broken axle? They tried very hard before and during the competition to get their machine going.

When the test runs were over, the teams each chose a position that they would try to aim for. This competition scored points based on accuracy to the target. There were 4 sizes of targets from small to large. The team that chose the closest position received the smallest target to aim at. The team that chose the farthest away point received the largest target to aim at.

Loading up the trebuchet’s is as much fun to watch as the throw. You can see everyone working in sync putting their efforts together.

And now for the pumpkins.

One team hit their target giving them a score of 1000 points. They stayed the clear leaders throughout the competition.

I only managed to grab a few other shots before my batteries ran out from taking so many video clips! A beautifully made sandcastle.

An accidental shot of Stephen West. I love the bag with the question mark, I need to knit up something like that. It reminds me of the song “Where Is The Love” by the Black Eyed Peas.

And my last video before my camera completely died is of this cutie Lemur.

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2 Responses to Rhinebeck – Punkin’ Chunkin’

  1. Judith says:

    I can not find the info for the 2013 pumpkin event?!?!?
    Any suggestions

    • I did not know the event was going to be run until I saw it in the program when I was at Rhinebeck last year. And checking online for this year, I don’t see it listed anywehere 😦 Maybe the schools moved it to a different event?

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