Creativ Festival

I went to 3 shows in September and 2 shows in October! Whoa, I have not been home enough. And I start a new contract on Monday! Bookkeeping this time. Still within the industry I’m trying to work in, which makes me happy.

So In October I took part in the Creativ Festival in Toronto. It is a multi craft show. I received a bunch of feedback from the March show that I tried to implement, especially in terms of yarn for embroidery. I did not go out of my way to make embroidery lengths from the silk yarn mill ends I have been wrapping. And I brought everything that had come out in the wrappings. Some knitting lengths and some embroidery lengths. I have also been working on cotton mill ends, but put those aside in favour of the silk for this show. And I sold out of the embroidery lengths. Again, like the March show, I sold yarn to people who will use it in innovative ways that I never conceived of personally. Its very inspiring talking to people about their ideas and projects.

My booth this time was beside the yarn tasting booth. My mom and MIL had a lot of fun talking with the people from that booth and making finger weaving/crochet scarves during the weekend.

And a bit of me spinning in my Laura Ahsley (from the UK) dress. I feel it is fancy enough to have been someone’s black bride’s maid dress! I have been waiting a long time to find the right place to wear this dress. I should have taken pictures of all three days.. doh! I had fun looking for black and white outfits for the booth, after I chose the theme last March.

I have had a lot of requests for patterns now from the assorted shows I have been in and showcasing items. My next push will be to finalize a website and patterns. I don’t have any shows between Nov and Feb. Time to wrap and dye yarns. And get on top of administrative jobs.

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