Bombardment of Crafting to Close Out the Year – Part 1

This past year I was part of an SEB program. I started my own business. In the first 10 weeks I created a business plan. The rest of the year turned to selling and building my brand. Also figuring out how to survive without a steady income. Along the way I ended up knitting, crocheting and weaving up a whole bunch of bits and pieces. Many became booth decorations. I have been documenting them all! Starting here.

In 2012 I took a weaving 2 course in the guild. I guess I must have taken weaving 1 in 2011, can’t remember! This is my first weaving ever from warp to weft. It was good to learn how to string the loom this first time. This was the first and probably the last time I will ever work with acrylic.

Since making this scarf I took weaving 2 to try out a bunch of techniques and strung another 2 looms. In 2012 I also borrowed a table loom to complete a hemp scarf project. Lol, I learned I should have hem stitched some things on the loom!

In weaving 2 I had the opportunity to try out 2 of the projects with yarns I made myself. I like to reply yarns to make new combinations and colours. I used my replyed cotton yarn for the weft of this project.

I used my hand spun hemp yarn for the weft of this overshot piece.

In 2012 I concentrated a bit on crocheting this hat/crown shape. Its a great base for a fedorah hat. But this particular piece was too small for my head! I love the density of the fabric, but its a bit thick for a hat. It makes a great bowl.

This last pic is my favorite. The yarn is replyed cotton yarns. I took 4 strands and Navaho plied them to make a 12 strand yarn.

More projects to come.

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2 Responses to Bombardment of Crafting to Close Out the Year – Part 1

  1. Knit for You says:

    I also have a collection of creations. One day I’ll attend a craft show and sell them all.

    • I have been debating that exact point too. I spent a lot of the year looking for a finished hand made object, that I can reasonably mass produce in my own home. Another upcoming project is to machine knit up a bunch of silk scarves and see how they dye up.

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