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As I look through the pictures I uploaded, I guess I worked the most with hemp, but its hard to tell exactly! Loads of knitting & crochet work in many kinds of yarn.

There is this double crochet stitch hat with a 1 1/2 thickness of yarn in the brim. I did not like how this hat worked out for a long time. When I was making the most recent series of crocheted hemp hats, I threw this one into the wash too. And now I like how the body of the hat worked out. The brim is still an issue, but I will happily make more double stitch hat bodies. This hat brim is extra floppy and not completely balanced around the hat. I have an edge that is working by curling up to use at the front.

I will need to consider how to work out the brim issues.

I crocheted this hemp leaf to wear in my hair at the Creativ Festival in Toronto in April.

I started to make a heavy gage sweater out of worsted hemp. But I stopped about 1/3 of the way through the body, it was getting too heavy. Instead, I will work on a piece using a Shetland lace to further lighten the load of using worsted hemp yarn in a large sized knitted piece. This pattern changed to become a pillow cover.

I really enjoy knitting this leaf lace pattern. I tried making a table place mat from the worsted yarn. This pattern will also make a great table runner (eventually!).


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