Shawl & Scarf Catalogue

After being away from knitting for more than a decade, the things I like knitting the most since I got back into the craft is shawls. I like to knit lacy things, and I like how neatly they work out with a little bit of arithmetic. I am fascinated with using diamond patterns in lace.

I call this a single rib shawl. I did a simple all over pattern of YO and K2T. Which has a tendency to drive me a bit batty by the end of the pattern! The single rib line divides the shawl in half, and forms it into a triangle shape. A lot of people dislike the line it makes in the shawl. I like the symmetry. This is LanaKnits 100% hemp yarn in 3ply on 4mm needles.

I tried out  my new silk yarns by making this candlelight lace triangle shawlette, using 3.25mm needles.

To avoid a rib, I tried out a half circle shawl technique.

Here is a very linear 2 bar shawl. This was a test in DK yarn. I prefer the more circular version in my more recent candleleaf shawl design. WHen I tie the ends to the bottom, this piece makes a nice shrug.

I tried a 4 rib piece too. I like the shape it makes, but it is too much fabric for a shawl. I keep this piece around, because I think this piece could be reworked nicely for a skirt.

I had merino and bamboo fibres combined and spun at a Canadian mill in Ontario, the Freelton Fibre Mill. We tried out a bunch of batches. Ute spun up a variety of yarns for me. In the future I will stick with wool and banana blends! I made this scarf, trying out the Shetland bead lace pattern with the new yarn.

Finally, I made this planned pooling scarf using the candlelight lace pattern and Zen Yarn Garden Serenity DK yarn. The pattern in the yarn comes from a specific yarn at Eliza`s Buttons and Yarn in Barrie, Ontario. The yarn colours represent the tartan colours of Barrie, ON.

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One Response to Shawl & Scarf Catalogue

  1. barbraabf says:

    Wow, so impressive and great colors.

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