Update in Nevada

I am back in the US. And I have not gotten much rest since I got here! I got a bit exhausted after driving for 2 solid days. Socal to Norcal to Vegas.

On the way here…. I saw geysers! It was really neat and eventually I’ll take the time to check where I was by google maps.

There were some really beautiful views on the way to LA. And this one looks like dormant volcanos.

I started my trip at the TNNA show in Long Beach, California.

I always manage to find lighthouses.

I have a blast at the show, meeting new people and groups. I made this little cutie felted bird with the ladies at Pollinka who were so much fun to hang out with.

I travelled north to San Rafael to check out the Dharma Trading Company in person. I took 3 hours looking at all the different kinds of blanks they carry slowly making decisions on what to try to dye! I found 90″ long scarves that I have a request from a relative for.

I then headed to Las Vegas, where I am staying with friends for the week.

While here I put out an ad on Craig’s list and hired a model! I’m really excited putting this all together. I have my shawl that received to most pattern requests, and a whole new crop of scarves that I am dyeing up. Hats and bag accessories, tank tops & t-shirts, some with collaboration artwork and some that I am dyeing up myself.

Tomorrow we head out to Red Rock Canyon to scout out locations and figure out what lighting works best and where. There are some amazing rock outcroppings and vistas in the park. I have pictures and videos from a couple of years ago when I was here that I will have to dig out.

Tonight I have sorted through my dye tissues and started cutting out the first pattern.

Back to the cutting! And the planning.

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2 Responses to Update in Nevada

  1. Z. Rubin says:

    Good to hear from you!
    Great Pictures. Get some rest. Safe driving and enjoy your experinces.
    keep up the wonderful jouney. LOL ZRF

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