My Photoshoot with Mia Torres & Bruce

I’m back home in Canada, and even with the weather and the jet lag, I’m glad to be back! I did one errand out of the house today and realized, I’m too tired and foggy to be running around, so I spent a bit of time photoshopping some of the pictures from the photo shoot I put together while I was in Las Vegas. The idea to do this came to me while I was driving from Norcal to Vegas. Ten and a half hours on the road will do that to you! I’ve worked on all the different bits & pieces of a photo shoot before this, but never all at once or as the person making all of the decisions.

I put an ad on Craig’s List when I got to Vegas to start, and I found Mia Torres, an amazing model who had recently made the move from Cali to Vegas. We had a great first meeting and decided to collaborate.

The next step was to go out scouting the location I wanted to use, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Its a beautiful park close to Vegas with amazing vistas and sites. I needed a stand-in for the scouting trip. Luckily Bruce was ready and available on such short notice!

Bruce made everyone’s day. While we were scouting, people at the park even asked if they could take their picture with Bruce!

After the scouting, I continued to make items and Mia & I went shopping for some outfits that I would tailor to her for the shoot. Ironically after pressing the clothes on the morning of the shoot, I promptly forgot 90% of them back at the house when we went out. I did not remember the clothes at all until we actually arrived at the park, which was far too late to go back for them! I also forgot my computer and the reflector panels. I scratched it all up to the learning curve, and knowing what should be on a physical list next time.

As they say, the show must go on. So we simply assessed what I did bring with me, which was all of the material I had personally made and worked on. Whew!

Today I will start with a few photos of the knitting shawl that I’m working at getting published.

I’m so happy with the way these pictures turned out. I definitely want to do this again next year. It was a blast to do a photo shoot in Vegas. Back home I won’t have enough sunlight or warm weather to do anything until well into April or May. Its time to work on some more knit and sewn hemp items!

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