The View From Up Here

The part I love about being in a plane is how far up you travel. I like to dedicate this post to Kala who inspires me to look at my photography in unique ways. I would not have played around with my pictures nearly as much if I had never seen yours.

I checked out my pictures against google maps. I used the satellite view to try to see the same landmarks. The angles from the plane are different from the satellite shots. Because we flew over Vegas to LA, and I was on the right side of the plane, I could see the same route I also drove.

The geyser pictures happened somewhere after Salt Lake City. I can’t really find them on the map. Its too large an area to search easily. This first large city I have pictures of I think it is Cedar City, UT.

We moved over a mountain & plateau area. I think this area is around Burnt Mountain, UT, north of Zion National Park.

I already posted the picture of this potential old volcano – it looks to be called the fire pit knoll!

And the plane keeps moving along to the next vista.

This was easier to see on google maps! I could even see the same blue roof top in my own closeup and the google pic. This is in the area of Hurricane Mesa Airport, UT.

In Hurricane, UT I got a great picture of the reservoir.

Next we flew over Washington, UT. The light was perfect for these kind of shots I enjoy playing around with.

Santa Clara, UT.

And on to Mesquite, NV. An impressive amount of water must come through this area occasionally, sculpting it.

Rivers join together leading to Overton, NV.

And on to the Valley of Fire!

I missed the Hoover Dam, probably for being on the wrong side of the plane. I did catch Lake Las Vegas.

And Las Vegas Bay, NV.

I had a great time visiting in Vegas this year. Its always fun to see my friends and all the sights of Vegas except for the strip!

I got to back to Red Rock Canyon and explore it in a completely new way.

It will be interesting to see how many more pictures I can match up to google maps on the way to LA!

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