My Trip to Vegas 2013

I made the decision last year to head to the west. I don’t have any family out this way, but I think there are good opportunities for my business and I have some really amazing friends out here.

In Vegas I took a lot of pictures that look like this! We had to be quick taking these shots. There are mountains in the background of the view that hide the setting moon quickly.

But then I managed this one by hand.

Which made me get serious and haul out a tripod.

This is a sunset shot for comparison.

These are the scouting shoot pictures from Red Rock Canyon without any people.

There are so many good pics of Bruce though, I’m sure I’ll have to bring him back to give you all a tour!

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2 Responses to My Trip to Vegas 2013

  1. Mikeyzero Evans says:

    You really got the pic of the dark side of the moon! Can’t wait to do this again next year!

  2. SaffronSkye says:

    Beautiful pictures!

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