Western & Eastern Scarves

I have been working on hemp and hemp/silk scarves for my next upcoming show, the Creativ Festival in April. I’m starting to work on silk scarf kits as well as hand made pieces.

Its easy to find silk scarves. A little tougher to find anything with hemp in it. I have a small sampling of hemp and hemp blend fabrics that I have purchased over the years. I cut most of what I had on hand into a variety of scarf & headband sized pieces. These are the next batch almost ready to dye up.

I started the cutting before I left for the west. And decided due to the weight, that I would buy materials from my suppliers when I reached California, where they happen to be! In Cali, that meant that I would only be working with the hemp & silk blend fabric as well as 100% silk products. 100% hemp has been waiting for me to play with here back home. With silk I can use the tissue dyes and the colours are magnificent, but with 100% hemp fabrics, the tissue dyes fade out of the fabric. I will be using the chemical dye on 100% hemp now that I am back home.

While I was out west I made a number of test pieces. Some of them I gave to friends there. A few came back home with me. Scarves are annoyingly difficult to photograph. I need to iron these.. again. I have had no luck taking pics in the city, not enough sun. Out at the farm I had better luck with the light. I used an existing curtain for a backdrop. Next weekend I will also be bringing one of my black tablecloths!

Silk Chiffon

Silk Habotai 8mm. This is the round scarf that Mia modelled.

Hand sewn hemp & silk scarf.

Its cold enough at the farmhouse that I have been starting a small fire the last couple of visits. Its nice to warm my hands after working with mortar in the basement.

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