High Times Medical Cannabis Cup

While I was out West, I demonstrated hemp spinning everywhere I went. Most of the time that meant I just spinning wherever I happen to be, in a park or a mall. I brought my spindles with me this year, both for the extra public practice and the portability. I happily inspinnerated about a dozen people this trip! And most of said inspinneration occurred at the Medical Cannabis Cup put on by the magazine High Times. I was lucky enough to be at the event last year when it was held in LA. This year the event location bounced around due to municipal issues, and landed in San Bernardino, CA.

The small trouble with walking around and spinning means I could not take pictures of me! I will link them when I find some! People have already mentioned they saw me (in pics) at the event…. my google foo is failing me right now…

These are my booth pictures. Once again I was with the MAPS people, who are so fabulous (thanks again Brian). We were all outside this year. The sun was brutal on Saturday and a few people succumbed to heat exhaustion.

I wanted to make sure people knew I am Canadian/Cannabian this year! The MAPS people outdid themselves with the artwork again this year.

Thank goodness for the breeze, and the icy (delicious) lemonade.

It was also nice to decorate the display area with my scarves. They floated around nicely.

The view across the tent.

And walking around.

Russ Belville working on his radio show/podcast of the event.

Melissa Balin (and I gotta get her friend’s name…) modelling how lovely & warm my hemp hoodies are.

Next year the TNNA show dates change, and I’m not sure if I will be coming in at the same time as this event is running.

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