Dye Job

I dyed a number of pieces while I was out west. Its fun to learn what the dyes can do. Silk dyes up differently than hemp or cotton. Silk chiffon dyes up differently from habotai. I like dripping the dyes up. Now that everything is home I can try out some of the neat toys I got out west. I have fabric markers that are fillable. I am going to experiment with using procion MX in them, and sodium alganate to thicken if necessary. I enjoy dribbling the dyes around quite a bit.

I’ve sewn up 30 scarf blanks so far with 60 more to go. I switched over to the serger. Tomorrow I will see about getting my sewing machine serviced. And look into a blind hem machine. Pinning & sewing each scarf is taking very long – about an hour per scarf. Serging is much better – no more than 15mins per scarf. A blind hem machine should do the same for me by eliminating the pinning portion of time.

This is pretty much a catalogue of my ongoing dye work.

The Tank Tops – 55% Hemp 45% Organic Cotton

I really love the circle scarf. I will sew a few up too. I’m still snapping pics of this silk one I dyed up from Dharma in the US.

I like the way the chiffon looks. Unfortunately the feel is not what I want from silk. I miss that silky smooth feel. The chiffon is as lovely to dye as any silk, and this scarf comes in 90″ lengths which is also great.

I tried my hand at a few ties. Big bold patterns to start. I may try out smaller lined patterns now that I am back home.

Some of the Hemp & Silk scarves from out west. Can’t wait to make a few more stained glass patterns for the blanks that are waiting.

I’m probably going to cut this one in two before I hem it up.

More scarves to come as I take more pictures!

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One Response to Dye Job

  1. Z. Rubin says:

    Wonderful work. They all look great. Good luck with the selling. They are so beautiful, I am sure you will do very well.

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