I ♥ Dyeing Silk

From the scarves hanging up in my laundry room, I cut pieces into 2/3 and 1/3 sections. From each piece I ended up making a scarf and a headband/sash. I have rethought the sizes of most of the pieces I had previously cut and hemmed. I was also learned to use my serger, and I have a better hem setting now. I resewed the hems of many pieces. I love these colours and patterns. The first show I am bringing them to, is the Creativ Festival at the end of April. I should have chances to test out more colour combinations!

Here is the latest picture from the Vegas photo shoot of Mia wearing my hand dyed hemp & silk blend scarves so well! We had so many fabulous rock plateaus and outcroppings to work on at Red Rock.

These are all the headband/sash pieces that are complete. The best part of making smaller pieces to sell, is being able to bring stuff in a range of prices. I will be selling them for $15. These headbands are between 2-3 inches in width, and around 60″ long.

This is a 100% hemp piece of fabric. I tried folding and binding on this one. It was not bound strongly enough to show resist lines.  I really like how the wider green crumpled piece turned out, so I will overdye this one as soon as I find a colour I like to overcombine.

This piece is a jersey of 55% hemp & 45% cotton. I made the resistance lines trying out an even oval pattern bound up across the scarf. The green was the most subtle, it is less saturated because this piece was dipped at the end of the useful dye bath.

All of the rest of the scarves are woven 60%Hemp and 40%silk. Next, I will try to tissue dye over the procion dyeing.

I cut down this scarf.

Warm brown. I want to add more splatter with the tissues.

I love how this one turned out! I tried for resistance circles and got blobs.

These diagonal stripes end up being extremely subtle in purple.

I will try overdyeing this crinkle pattern dyed scarf.

I added a bead to this scarf.

Purple & warm brown together.

Dark blue & raspberry.

I might try to overdye this next one. Dark blue & purple.

A crumpled dark blue with a few raspberry touches.

Raspberry and purple together. I may see what this busier one looks like overdyed as well.

It was great to get a sunny day to capture pictures of these pieces. More scarf pictures coming.

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