Here Come the Scarves

Another bit of sun this morning had me running for my camera and the iron to get a few more scarf pictures to post up.

This is a comparison picture to see the headband vs scarf. Its all pretty interchangeable depending on what your personal preference is. I’ve been playing around with a large number of widths and lengths trying to find sizes I like to work with.

These pieces were dyed up together, then I cut them into different sizes while sewing them up. On this marbled dyed its hard to see where the fabrics originally were attached.

Warm brown, purple & raspberry together.

Dark blue.

This is a crumpled dyed 100% hemp, dyed in grass green. I like it for a head scarf. Heh, I may need to wear this one in myself and see how it goes!

All the rest of these scarves are all hemp & silk blend fabric.

Dark blue & purple.

Raspberry & purple.

Raspberry, purple & warm brown – take 1.

Raspberry, purple & warm brown – take 2.

All over warm brown – lightly dyed.

Raspberry & warm brown kerchief.

Warm brown & grass green.

All over raspberry.

These scarves range in price depending on materials, between $20-40.

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