OOOooh Look, Some Knitting!

On Wed I missed a call. Or I would have been knitting even quicker! Yesterday, I went in to check out a cotton mill end yarn (misdyed) that one of my suppliers is considering purchasing. Last night I knit up this swatch to see how the cotton looks & feels. I also washed and machine dried (did not block) the piece to see how it will shrink & wear. Its a nice fluffy cotton in an oatmeal colour with flecks of sea foam green & blue. I will have this Mill End cotton yarn in stock  in time for the Creativ Festival. It is the colour you see here, and feels nice for knitting, crochet & weaving. Its a 4/4 Nm size, but very soft & fluffy for its size. 100 gram skeins for $2.50 and 400 gram skeins for $8.00.

This is my diamond candle-leaf pattern in a more square sampler. It is 25 grams. I have calculated how much bigger a 50 gram dishcloth can be, and will try knitting it up next. I’m getting the new pattern ready to go with this new yarn.

Yay knitting!

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