Ice Storm

An ice storm is classified as an event. Everything was coated in ice. And then the ice began falling! As did tree limbs, and stuff. We were without power for about 11 hours in the city and 19 hours at the farm.

I took these pictures during the day. In the morning it was a light rain falling and freezing.

I went out again later in the afternoon. Temps reached 1C and the ice started to drip and fall off. The falling ice was a bit alarming! No standing under a tree or power line.

More of the neighbourhood.

I wonder where the birdies sheltered during the storm?

In the woods I could hear chain saws at work. I guess they will get to this one pretty soon.

Back on the streets.

Toppled over onto the driveway. Maybe it will spring back.

In the late afternoon we headed out to the farm. The weather started at 4C and dropped to 2C at the farm. 2 detours later, to avoid downed electrical cables and trees, we made it to the farm.

Last year, the closest tree to the house uprooted and blew over. Little branches blew down everywhere, but finding big trees that came down took more than a day!

The real trouble is inside the house.

The lack of power is an issue when so much water is about. The sump pump stops working, and water comes in, in gallons! We have been working on the basement, we dug the floor down. And we have been dealing with water issues since we took over the house. For the first time we have measurements. How high the water reached, and the area of water that filled up within the 19 hour window. We also took midway measurements of the water height in the afternoon. (Note: we disconnected all electrical on site as soon as we got in!)

It was pretty nutty dealing with the submerged stuff we had been working on.

Can’t begin to say how happy we are to have the furnace up on the brick columns! Notice the really futile buckets of water from an earlier day!

The power has returned and the water has receded. We have some new ideas about what sort of equipment we want in a power outage now.


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2 Responses to Ice Storm

  1. Nicolette says:

    Your photographs of the ice storm and the icicles on the trees and twigs are beautiful. Must be hard to deal with the flooding in the basement though. Hope you find a resolution to the problem soon.

    • We are just hoping its not a spring beneath the house! Working on the basement has made it much easier to see where the water comes in the house, so future fixes can be better directed!

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