Second Dye Lot

I chose another 5 colours and bound up fabric. However getting close to the show is making my timing tighter, and I had a lot less time to get these done. I probably have 20 more pieces bound up that I did not yet dye at all.

Next I will have to decide how to sew these hems up. Like the first set, I will split a bunch of these into 2/3 and 1/3 sections.  Some have patterns across the centre that I want to keep intact.

Its so hard to leave the elastics on until they dry more.

I did open a few, and once again I’m loving the results, working with silk & hemp is fantastic.

I accidentally dyed my thumb ombre. Black was my last colour run, and I must have had a pinhole in my glove by then.

But it was worth it!

As per usual, I can’t wait to get to the next batch already.

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2 Responses to Second Dye Lot

  1. redesigned says:

    Those patterns are very impressive! Also love the color combinations. What will you do with all the fabric? ~M.

  2. I will serge the edges and make them into scarves and headbands.

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