At the guild weaving classes started yesterday, so all projects on the go had to be off the looms. The classes go until late June, meaning there is no chance to weave up a project on a guild loom for months. I had a chance to tie onto a blanket project to make an overshot sampler. It gave me a chance to test out new cotton single yarns that I recently acquired. I also used this chance to show off more colour combinations of my yarns in stock. I was a little tight weaving this piece up. I started with tension problems that lead me to retie a section to the apron. I also did not calculate the warp at all, I made the largest circles my skien winder can handle, about 50″ length. Lastly there were a lot of knots in the end of the warp that were messing with the heddles! It was a rush job to get in after the other project and out before the classes.

I LOVE the result! I can’t wait to use the singles again. They were twisty, but never unmanageable, and the singles never broke, even when I was throwing the shuttles through.

The side I got to see while working.

Fun side!

I like that you get distinct sides from overshot.

In the first section, I used a black 4/0 for the overshot and a black 14/0 for the tabby. In a bigger project I would use this combination to break between colour changes. In the next section I changed the tabby to the colour changing blue yarn, and in the third section the tabby changed to the olive green colour.

Lastly a few angle shots for backgrounds.


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