Creativ Festival

The Creativ Festival was a fabulous show again this weekend! Many many thanks to all the people who stopped by, and especially my girlfriend Sue, who came out to help on Friday. She took all these amazing pictures of the day. I debuted the new scarves and sold out of the sale cottons I wrapped up. Good to test out the product. I saw a lot of familiar faces, which makes the event more comfortable! It was also fun to meet new people and talk about dyeing and fibre arts & crafting.

This year I added the square so I could take credit cards. It was amazing (and fun) using my iPad for a cash register. It freed up my time to be able to talk to people more. I met a few new people from art shows around Toronto, that I will have to check out this year. Potentially, I will add an art & environmental show at a conservation area to my show lineup this year!

We did a fair amount of spinning at the show this year. Plenty of folks also stopped to try out the fibres on the Victoria. This year, with Sue’s help on Friday we managed to fill 2 bobbins and one drop spindle! I still need to ply it up into a yarn, and it will become hats along with the rest of the community spun up yarns.

Getting comfortable.

This week I’m changing up the booth contents a bit and on Thurs heading to the Fibre Optics OHS conference in Cornwall, ON. I will be bringing all my large lots of yarns for the weavers, and all my unusual fibres for the spinners. See you there!

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