OHS Fibre Optics Conference

Last weekend I headed to the Nav centre in Cornwall, ON for the Ontario Hand Weavers & Spinners conference; Fibre Optics. I had a great time, and met a whole new crowd! The place was a crazy maze, many similar looking sections to walk through. We think they must have used it for navigation tests on new cadets! Lets start with the inside pictures.

My booth for the weekend. I brought all my yarns in quantities geared towards weaving. I brought my vegan fibres for the spinners.

Fullin’ Woolens working on a fabulous feeling alpaca rug.

There was a guild display and competition to see.

And a Juried competition.

Sorry to tease you all with group photos, but there were simply too many pieces to catalogue each one with an individual photo. I hope the volunteers manning the room managed! I know I saw a lot of snapping away going on.

The next set to post, are the pictures from my walk out side at the Nav Centre. I made this one my new cover photo on facebook.

Today I’m heading to Toronto to get my fibre flax seeds from Richters. And we’ll see what kind of nice smelling herbs they have around too! Then a trip downtown to the Lettuce Knit stitch night while I’m in town.

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