Nav Centre – Cornwall ON

The OHS Conference was hosted in the Nav Center in Cornwall, Ontario. Its a lovely location right on the St Lawrence. When people were in classes, I had a chance to snap a bunch of pictures walking around outside the facility. The weather was fantastic.

I’m not sure what this house is used for, but I love the look of it. Something to explore next time!

The St Lawrence River.

I could not get enough of the jet. I was wandering around it taking pics at a whole bunch of angles.

In the centre courtyard there is a beautiful garden, and also leftover satellite equipment.

And finally, some Magnolia Madness!! There were two really beautiful trees in the courtyard, one in full sun and one in the shade, both at different stages of flowering.

If you made it this far, in this gargantuan picture post….. here is a sneak preview of the sweater I am making from the speckled cotton yarns. I finished the sleeves and today will sew it together. This is a mannequin sized pattern, and using these measurements I have tried to extrapolate my own size to knit up next.

I have posted a bunch of finished wash cloth patterns and one shawl pattern in my new WordPress Patterns Page. I am interested in seeing if people will get involved in a cotton sweater project…..

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