Getting Ready to Dye

I have spent a large amount of my time in the last few weeks in getting ready for my June shows. On Sat June 8th, and kicking off knit in public week, I will be at Lettuce Knit in Kensington Market in Toronto. On Fri June 14th I will be at the Wesley Artisan Market in Cambridge. At both events I will be bringing all my own hand made yarns & goods.

On Monday I start dyeing!

I wrapped up a ton of yarns for knitting. I have an earlier lot of multicoloured dyeing, and this round I am focusing on mottled and ombre dyeing.

Cotton yarns.

Hemp yarns.

Silk yarns.

I made about 9 warps so far. They are all for 8″ wide, 20 epi, 90″ ish long scarves. The silk warps vary in ties, some are set up for all over ombre dyeing from top to bottom, and some set up so individual strips within the warp will change colour from top to bottom.

I made one hemp warp to try out my newest 10/2 yarn. it is set up with the same dimensions as the silk yarn, and I will test it out on my new counterbalance loom, which is coming soon now!

I am also trying out an ikat motif in the warp. I wrapped up the yarns with the resistance blocks while it was on the warping mill. I will not make a matching weft ikat pattern for this warp.

I’m very excited about the goods I wrapped up to dye up this round. In addition to the shows, I also have a store order for hand dyed tanks & t shirts due for delivery June 11th! I made quite a few mandalas and spirals.

I wrapped up all my leftover scarf blanks. Some will be overdyed from the last round.

This time I grabbed half of my bag stock. These shopping bags are made from 33% recycled hemp, 33% recycled cotton, and 33% recycled polyester. Last year I had them printed with designs. I may still print up a few, after they are dyed up, we’ll see. Like the shirts, these are mostly mandala and spiral patterns.

I’m looking forward to the sunny weather that is coming after the weekend!



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One Response to Getting Ready to Dye

  1. gonerustic says:

    Very impressive! Looks you’ll get some really interesting and colourful results =)

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