Oh My

Ah bandwidth, the final frontier.

It seems that I have been posting a lot of pictures over the years and now Photobucket is enforcing a limit on how much can be viewed per month. The moment I had my sale at Lettuce Knit the numbers nudged over the top for the month! Everything will be reset on June 28th and pictures can be viewed again then. But my punishment for going over is, no pictures until the 28th or unless I pay immediately (urk). I can’t do much in the short term, but in the long term there are a few things I will be changing up.

I will start an alternate picture account at a different provider like flicker. It will ensure that future blog pictures are unaffected. I will also (slowly) cut down the pictures that are presently posted through Photoshop in existing blogs. Most of my pics are 500kb in size and I will cut them down to closer to 100kb. My existing pics will continue getting taken away by Photobucket on a month to month basis until I get enough pictures reduced to handle the viewing load.

I’m working on it!

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