Yay – Pics are back – for now!

And just in time. I have been dyeing up a new batch of yarns & clothing for my next sale date this weekend. On June 30th I will be back at Lettuce Knit for Pedestrian Sunday, which also coincides with Pride Week and the parade in Toronto.

For my next batch of dyes I chose the Pride Flag colours. Obvious choice of course! I found a cute cotton shirt to upcycle and it will probably be too hot to wear it all day. Its still all tied up and I am being very good not opening it up yet. Scarves on the other hand, I can’t keep my hands off. I dyed up 4 shirts and a bunch of warps & wefts, scarves and a tea towel.

The warps are all 160 epi 100% silk. Thess are the mill end silks I bought from the carpet mfg place. There is one scarf per warp and about 135″ in length for waste and a sample. I will start with a twill tie up and some of the scarves I want to do in tabby just to see how the dyeing came out. Other scarves, I want to use to see what patterns work well and what do not.


Multi Striped. I tried to put them in randomly, with as many colour changes as possible.

Purple Green & Blue colour combination.

2 Rainbow warps.

Orange, red & grey combination.

I opened a couple of dyed pieces.

100% hemp tea towel.

Silk & hemp scarf.



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2 Responses to Yay – Pics are back – for now!

  1. cringing says:

    woah, those are really cool!

  2. andweattend says:

    Really love the long colour changes. There would be so much to see if some of these skeins were woven. Delicious.

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