First Project for My New Loom

I have been dyeing warps & wefts as well as upcycled & hemp clothing for the last 3 weeks, with a friend here in town. We tried out all sorts of yarns using procion MX dyes including, cotton, silk, hemp, linen and an unknown manmade chenille yarn. I want to use my new loom with the 8-shaft patterns to start. I still eventually believe I will use this loom in a 4-shaft set up because then I can use foot pedals.

I have been looking at patterns deciding what I would like to try out to best show off the ikat dyeing. I have a hemp warp I would like to get working on for a guild display in September. But I want to try out the loom with a first project other than my hemp to learn how the loom works and what sort of personality it has.

Yesterday I took my patterns to the computer and worked out about 9 different patterns that I like on excel. For most of my patterns I made a small picture block so I can see what the pattern will look like in the cloth. For my first project I worked out what the entire scarf will look like and now I will see if my 20 epi figure will hold for both warp & weft. My first pattern comes straight out of a book. I incorporated blocks of tabby as well as the pattern to hopefully see some nice changes of colour through the warp that I dyed in. I found a roll of salmon coloured silk that I like to use for the weft.

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