Ashford 32″ 8 Shaft Loom

Everything else until now has been practice. Now I have 8 shaft, 32 inch Ashford loom! This loom folds in half, which is perfect for travelling. Every chance I get I will be bringing it along with me. I will be looking now for a suitable crate for shipping. I mostly plan on using this loom for scarves and tea towels. I still want a counter balance floor loom, though for now I am very happy getting this one set up.

The first 8 of 160.

About halfway through.

This set of strings is strictly for tyeing onto. The first warp is silk, which can be very slippery. I prefer tyeing onto cotton yarns for subsequent warps. I like the way this yarn looks, but the stripes in the warp are very random. I will set up a warp where the colours blend more specifically in the future.

Finished, wound on and ready to tie on the first warp, 100% silk, hand dyed Red/Orange/Grey, 136″ warp 160 threads at 20 epi.

I have enough on this warp for a sampler and a scarf.


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