Weaving Away

I’ve got everything tied up and ready to go. I can’t see much of what I’m weaving, just about 7 inches before it goes around the bar. Makes things quite exciting for colour changes on this piece. I have worked my way through the orange and red tones. I ended up leading towards a grey section, and I can’t wait to see how the weft silk colour meshes with my hand dyed colour. I love both of these patterns for other scarves. I have a heavy colour and bar changing scarf that will look stunning in a tabby. I like this all over pattern for another scarf, but I want to change up the sides of the piece and rethread to a tabby for about 1/2″ on each side. This pattern is a nice small 4 step, 4 stitch pattern, so will be easily modified. So first the tabby and stitch test scarves I’m makes, then some rethreading.

I started with tabby and did my hem stitching on the loom for the first time. The stitching did not take a very long time, and looks like it will hold the yarns quite nicely until I decide what kind of fringe or braid I will put on the bottom. My stitching will get better over time, same as my stitch placement points.

Both stitch patterns and colour changing.

I’m not quite 1/4 of the way in so far. I can’t wait to finish this one up and get the next one started.I am going to try to get 1/2 done today. 🙂



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