One Done!

My scarf is done! I ended up with a lot less fabric than I thought. The scarf itself measures 82 inches end to end, not including the fringe parts. I tried to start with a 135″ warp. Some shrank during the dyeing and some I cut off myself in error when I was tyeing onto the warp. I only had enough on the warp to make a scarf, and did not make a sampler. I measured the next warp, before I string in onto the loom and I can see 120 inches.

The edges on this first loom effort are really rough. It took me about half the scarf to notice how dangly the edges of the scarf were, and to find a fix to tuck in the rest of the edge yarns as I was weaving it up. I can also easily see where I made mistakes with the shuttle going through the shed.

All in all I’m so happy with my first hand dyed effort. I can see other hand dyed pieces out there and I know how to dye for it most of the time. Learning how to make an ikat I like added a lot more than the discipline of dyeing to get right!

One side:

The other side:


One side:

Other side:

The next warp to tie on will be the rainbow silk warp with a hemp weft. I want to see how the scarf will feel mixed up with hemp. The hemp is a perfect neutral colour to retain the beautiful colours I dyed into the warp. I’m not sure how clear the bar of colour change on my first scarf is. By accident, I cut one section (on the end) at a different height from the other sections, when I was tyeing on. To build on that, I will try to tie up this rainbow warp in a chevron pattern to show off the dyeing.

I’m hoping to finish one in 3-4 days. I’m not trying to get it woven off in a day of two!

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