Weaving With a Hemp Weft

I am trying too many things at once in this next weaving. But I got started and did not want to change direction. But I’m not really happy with the direction so much anymore. Live and learn! I’m pretty sure the fabric I am making will not have even tension. But I want to see what will happen anyways. I definitely want to keep practicing setting in the warp without over beating it in. And I really do like the way things are turning out on that score.

In my previous piece the warp is silk 20 epi. The silk weft in tabby is only 10 epi. The silk weft in the pattern is 14-16 epi. I like the drape of the heavier beat fabric. But I would also like to compare it to a 16 epi warp to see the difference.

In this project the warp is silk 20 epi. The weft is 100% hemp and I am beating a tabby pattern in at a much looser tension. I don’t have an exact figure yet. I have been keeping track of how many weft rows I have made and will divide by the scarf length at the end of this project. I love how the hemp and tabby show off what I dyed into the scarf. It’s such a fabulous neutral in the undyed cone.

Open shed.

Closed shed.



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