Completed Weavings & New Starts

I finished 2 complete scarves, and have started a third one. I made a new warp to take with me when I travel to the US tomorrow.

I am fringing everything for the time being. I am braiding one scarf up, but its very slow going in comparison to fringing. I ironed the scarves to set the dye, then I washed them in my front loader washing machine. They go through in pillow cases, that I normally use for yarn.

The first scarf from my loom is finished. This 100% silk fibre gets dried flat then ironed again before it is completely dry.

This is my second scarf from the loom. It is a silk warp and hemp weft and was washed 3 times, then dried in the drier, then ironed again before it is completely dry. I love the way this tuned out and can’t wait to make a few more.

I made the longest warp I have ever tried to put on a loom; 500″ long. This is what I am tying on next.

The lovebirds have also started something new. These birds were taken in by my husband’s cousin 3 years ago from a lady who was moving into a nursing home. They are completely untrained and flighted, they bite everything. They are really cute and fun to watch. We took them into our home back in March.

Thank goodness we know they are both female! Gotta read up on when to remove the eggs.

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