A Tale Of Two Scarves

I finished a few more here and have now put the loom away in anticipation of driving home tomorrow. I have been having a great time, though sweating a bit in this heat!

Before I left home I had already been playing around with tension and I continued the experiments here in NYC. The warps I made are all 20 epi (pretty much). I have been playing around with the weft tension. Back at home I experimented with hemp weft, and here I have been playing around with silk wefts. I love how the fabric is coming out, I see the possibilities for woven pieces that I will use in some sewing. I wove the same pattern up twice, with very different tension settings on the loom.

This one I sent through the washing machine to see how it would react. Somehow… we just can’t find the iron here today! I will get to that back at home. I overdid the tension while I was weaving this one. It added to how this shrank later, the edges especially, protested the tight tight tight tension!

I have not yet washed this one, When I get back I will gently heat some water to shrink it.

I may still make one more beating in an even tighter weft.

Now to go eat some fruit ices!

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