Data Entry & Plying

This week I’m working on a bunch of things, but primarily this small uni contract of data entry. Almost done, the info is due for submission tomorrow so the requests have died down as everyone looks things over and get prepared.

On the side, I’m plying up some silk & cotton yarns. Its great to unwind for a few moments while spinning something up! (In between the batches of data entry.) You may have seen my plyed cotton yarns project from last year. Its a great way to see how colours will combine together. I tried selling them, and the response to the colours has been fantastic, people love to touch the skeins. But they don’t love a premium price for worsted cotton! In the last few shows, I was selling off my cotton hand plyed yarns. Girlfriends at Lettuce Knit have encouraged me to try again with a blend of silk and cotton. And I think they could be onto something. I started a new project, and am matching together cotton and silk cones. I always work with colours that thrill me, but this time I am also working my way through the colour spectrum. And pink! I pulled out yellow, orange, and pink cones. I started with the yellows, and I make sure I have enough to make a minimum of 1 kg of plyed yarn. The silk yarns are all the same, but the diametre of the cotton yarns varies. The plied yarns end up being light worsted, and worsted in weight.

A cotton strand of yellow and a silk strand of yellow.

A cotton strand of yellow/white/pink and a silk strand of yellow.

A cotton strand of yellow/white/pink and a silk strand of white.

I really like this in addition to dyeing. I like making this kind of yarn. I can use hemp in place of cotton, at some point too. I have some single ply hemp that is not too tightly wound onto the cone, and now I wonder how it would dye up on the cone…

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