New Yarn Series

Here is the new yarn series I have been working on! I will be test marketing them at Lettuce Knit tomorrow at the Wed knit night, so please come out to touch, discuss and maybe even win some fresh off the wheel yarn!

Introducing my hand plyed silk and cotton worsted yarns. I take a cotton and silk thread and ply them up on my spinning wheel. It’s amazing to create a brand new yarn not available in the market until now. Here just in time to make a much needed (and decadent silk) fall accessory!

The full line up of 16 colours.

Starting with the reds.


Brick Red

Punk Pink.

Pink Baby

All Oranges



Orange Jeans.

All Yellows.


Yellow Blush.

White Orchid.

All Greens.

Green Gold.

Minty Green.

Forest Green.

The Blue! Thankfully I have this really lovely silvery blue, and my eyes open for more blue combinations.

The purples.

Light Violet.


I am in love with how lustrous adding silk to the cotton makes the yarns. I love the colour combinations. For most of them, I have about one kilogram of raw materials for each yarn. I made a teeny sampler on 5.5mm needles. After the door prizes get handed out tomorrow, I will pick 2 more colours and make up a couple of scarves that I made a pattern for in this yarn. I will do one at 5.5mm and one at 6.5mm needles. I will also try out a few hats, knitted & crocheted!

The next step now is to make more skeins for inventory. I can make 100 or 200 gram skeins up. I’m practicing getting quicker at making these skeins.

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4 Responses to New Yarn Series

  1. Z. Rubin says:

    The colours are most beautiful. Love the names, too. Good luck and have fun at Lettuce Knit.

  2. Kate Smalley says:

    Gorgeous! Colours are stunning and I love that you’ve plyed silk and cotton together, would make for one cozy top 🙂

  3. And shiny! Hmmm, I have been mostly thinking about accessories, but I wonder….

  4. Pip says:

    wow.. they look great! Love the punk pink 🙂

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