Back to Weaving

My market research survey at Lettuce Knit on Wed was a success. With the help of the crew I was able to take their insights and reduce my pile from 16 to 9 colours. I also have some great ideas for winter accessories to make with these yarns. Gotta get some more patterns onto spreadsheets!

With this large task in hand, yesterday I turned back to weaving. 🙂

I’m still working on the red & golds striped warp. I have 2 versions of loosely woven scarves, and this one is a tightly woven scarf. Beating it shows off the pattern beautifully, but also makes a very dense cloth.

I have one more scarf on this warp. This next weft will be 100% natural hemp. I will again tightly beat the next scarf. The next tie on is another one of my hand dyed silk warps. I would like to see how the colour runs through the “chains” of this pattern.


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One Response to Back to Weaving

  1. Rita Summers says:

    Love these colours! =)

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