Projects That Keep Me Busy

Its getting quite busy feeling getting ready for the show this week! I did lay off the ashford loom last week after I finished tyeing on the next warp.

I did need a few days to contemplate how I want to weave up this fantastic warp, I love the colours. At first, I was thinking about doing a hemp weft, but now I might use some black hemp, and I only have 3 ply on hand. I may need to dye up some 2 ply. Still thinking about this!

I love how many colours I managed to stuff into this!

On the other loom front, I started project number two on the cricket, a linen scarf.

Lastly, I continue to get through this first colour in my new silk & cotton yarns. After my market research meeting and reading the comments people had left for me on the ballots, I changed up the yarn a bit. I moved from a 6ply yarn to a 4 ply yarn. My yardage is now around 110 yds per 100 grams. It makes for more yarn to test out, but I feel that this size of yarn is worth the change.

Loads of pedaling happening! I have been knitting up a rectangular scarf out of silk in a leaf lace pattern. But other crafts have been getting in the way of knitting lately. I’ll have time to knit a bit when  I’m at the Twist Festival this weekend, maybe!

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One Response to Projects That Keep Me Busy

  1. gonerustic says:

    Love the range of colours you’re using! =D

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