Linen Weaving

I am still digging the rustic look of the rigid heddle scarves. I want to resett my full sized loom, but I know its not going to happen anytime soon! Too many other projects to go. Working on the rigid heddle loom will have to come to an end soon though. Its a lot more work on predominantly one arm. I’m feeling a fair bit of strain working the heddle particularly from the weight of the heddle on my joints. In contrast, one of the things I really love about my Ashford is the bouncy beater bar.

So that means only two more scarves to go. I warped up a wool & hemp scarf in a log cabin pattern. I have red & green wool on hand, and I thought it would make a great christmasy scarf, but the colours are proving a bit dark to easily see the pattern. I have another batch of hemp yarn to make a longer second scarf that is stripey and space dyed this time. I have a darker weft colour to use this time for the opposite contrast.

After these two its back to the ashford loom. I think I’m ready to use a thicker hemp yarn I have on hand for the weft. Its kinda nail biting it will definitely affect tension, so a few more days of using my shuttles with the rigid heddle loom will be just fine!

I finished up two linen scarves. One was made with straight up stripes. The other I made in a plaid pattern. I’m not really sure how these will shrink in the wash, I can’t wait to see. My husband comes back from his business trip out west tonight, so laundry loads are definitely in my future.


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