I Never Get Tired of Using Hemp

So I knocked off another scarf, out of 100% hemp 6 ply yarns. I love using this yarn, it goes nice and quickly, and perfectly matches the 8 epi heddle I’m using. This time I did rows of solid green and purple and added in a few rows of my own hand dyed hemp yarns in 2 colours in the warp. I used just the purple in the weft. I am getting some really great figures now, preparing for the upcoming class in Nov. I can give people a much better idea of yardages and final scarf length. Also I’m really examining how I handle the equipment and why I do certain things. I like to hold onto the yarn a lot! And I like too tight a bit better than too loose. Its surprising how different it is using the loom with bast verses with the bast & wool mix. I even had beginners and advanced classes in mind! Its fun fine tuning this stuff.

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One Response to I Never Get Tired of Using Hemp

  1. Nancy says:

    Perfect weaving! It is gorgeous!

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