KW Knitter’s Fair, a Bit of Flax and Some More Silk Weaving

Thanks to everyone who organized and came out to the event! Yesterday I had an amazing day at the KW Knitter’s Fair. Its in a brand new venue this year, with assorted growing pains = learning, going on. The most positive feedback I received this year was that people noticed me and my booth. I really love the new venue personally and can’t to head back next year. It was such a busy day I did not have time to get pictures until the very end. I’m glad I remembered at all!

I have 3 shows in the next 3 weeks! Its a little daunting, and each show has a different sales focus, making things tricky.

Other projects that I’m managing to get done.. flax harvesting. I was a little late harvesting this year, the flax feels pretty springy, and some of it has grown a bit curly.

I also have a silk warp on the go on my 8 shaft loom. I love the way the colours are advancing in this piece.

I also have a scarf on the rigid heddle loom that I need for the guild display tomorrow. I have 12 inches made so far! I might make it.

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2 Responses to KW Knitter’s Fair, a Bit of Flax and Some More Silk Weaving

  1. Z. Rubin says:

    It looks amazing! Love the colours, too. Good luck at the shows.

  2. Courtney says:

    Ooooooo. LOVE that wrap!!! And can’t wait to hear more on flax harvesting!! Do tell!!!

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