The show that wasn’t! Err is? I was supposed to be in a show this weekend, but they never got my cheque (and never cashed it – oops looked for that a bit late)!

Turns out this is not such a bad thing. Its a really small show, I did not end up buying yarn specific for this show yet, and now I can go to the International Plowing Match this weekend instead.

Also, I can focus on the artisan show – Meadowfest in Bradford, ON in 2 weeks on Sep 28th. Communication with these people (thanks T) has been friendly and very positive.

My schedule will switch now to dye up more blanks, yarns and warps for the next 2 weeks!!! I have about 100 scarves and 25 tshirts already done. But I’m running out of some of my hand made items on the crafty side of my supply. And the weather looks fabulous for most of the next 14 days.

If anyone would like to come by my outdoor dyeing studio in the next 2 weeks, please give me a shout.

I have clothing upcycle blanks to dye, including a wicked white cotton trenchcoat in my size! I have a bunch of knitting yarns in hemp to dye up and a variety of warps in hemp, silk and cotton to dye up. This time around, I think I will warp up tea towel widths and expand my warp on the loom from 8″ to 24″.

This morning I will get another 12 inches of weaving on my silk scarf done. I can’t get over how many colours I dyed into this warp! I have 4 more scarf warps to go from the set we dyed up in the spring. Each one is so much fun to see as it comes through the loom. I keep weaving for a look-see!

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