Wow! The SNAFU portion really started yesterday afternoon, but that’s just Friday for you! I got a call asking me about purchases and letting me know my card has been stolen. OK no more card until the new one comes in the mail and I’m glad it was sorted out so quickly. Also yesterday I decided to start tyeing my next warp onto the loom.

Come around to this morning and I find I accidentally added 20 more threads than I should have to this warp (180 rather than 160) when I was making it back in Apr, and I dyed in the motif pattern into the larger size. I also found 2 busted yarns, one before I managed to de-thread the heddle and of course one afterwards. Always fun searching for the one heddle missing a thread! All this before I head out to a 10am meeting this morning in Cambridge.

I need this meeting. On Monday before I found out I was never in the show I thought I was, I promised to buy a bunch of yarn for said show. I also promised to meet up with a visiting business person coming to the factory to pick up some of their supplies.

I took a bit of time to renegotiate the yarn purchase. I felt like I was in an episode of The Negotiator this morning!  I put the purchase off for a month to coincide with the Woodstock & Toronto shows I’ll be attending in October. And, I have email confirmations that I trust this time around so you WILL see me at the Oct shows!

As fulfilling as following my dream is, it is not paying a wage, it remains a very special hobby. A missed show only drives that point home more. After the October shows I will go back to looking for full time work. This is year two of shows for me, so I have a much better handle which ones I’m making money versus loosing money at.

Its fun to look over the blanks I have to get ready for Meadowfest in Bradford next weekend. I may leave a few white, and see if anyone would like to special order anything. I started with the trench coat. I tied up wavy lines from the waist down, and a heart on the back. I’m going to dip dye sections, to avoid dripping on it too much. This coat has so many different pieces about it!

I can’t wait to see the International Plowing Match tomorrow. Now that my weekend is free I’m heading there to go see what interesting solar panel and geothermal for home applications I can find, especially for the farm house, where we presently heat using oil. I also hope I can find a variety of food on a stick to try this year!

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2 Responses to Musings

  1. Courtney says:

    I am SO excited to see how the trench turns out!!! Also YAY geothermal!!!! Awesome!!

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