More Tye Dye

This is the latest batch of scarves I over dyed. I still have blanks that I am working on from the first batch. I like really subtle dyeing, but it doesn’t always read well in a long scarf. I took a few pieces and overdyed them with more vibrant colours. As well I finished some yarns.

I went ahead and ended up making my newest favorite scarf. I already liked it with the subtle dyeing. I looked over the scarf for spots to overdye and came up with this.

Pile O Hand Dyed Yarns

Hemp 2 ply yarn.

A range of warm coloured silk yarns. Starting with a bright orange copper.

A darker orange on silk dye.

It was fun making up this dusty rose skein.

Lastly a fuscia skein.

I have been washing and ironing out all my remaining scarf stock. I will be taking pictures the next couple of days to catalogue what I have left.

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2 Responses to More Tye Dye

  1. Z. Rubin says:

    Everything looks so beautiful.
    Very artistic!
    Good luck at the shows.

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