Bust Show

I have been in my first (and lets hope only) show where I did not sell a thing. I met a lot of very nice vendors. The main problem of the show was the lack of attendance.

I had all day to sit around yakking with my MIL who came along to help, and work on weaving projects I have on the go, that I brought to demo.

The newest rigid heddle loom (a flip by Schacht) is ready to go. I’m trying out mercerized cotton yarns for the warp, and a silk weft at 12 epi.

I finished my hemp and linen scarf on the cricket.

Got about a third of my ikat hemp scarf woven up.

There are three colours (green, purple, blue) in the warp and the weft is a mottled dyed blue.

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2 Responses to Bust Show

  1. Sorry to hear it — I thought about coming, but when I looked at the distances, I thought again.

  2. I’ve travelled further for shows, so it didn’t scare me. I also thought the free admission would be a bonus to attendees (wrong)! Live & learn!

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